To view any content you have to be logged in. If you are unsure, please open a new browser and paste in Your browser should be recognised and you will be able to log in as an attendee. The scheduled talk should appear on the Home page at the countdown. We are also on standby to assist you - click on the purple chat button below.

Check out the short instructional video below

If you are already registered as user on the platform:

Step 1: Register for Event - choose the specific TICKET in the category that you qualify for eg SAVA member, then click NEXT

Step 2: Choose the SESSION, then choose the TALK, then click NEXT

Step 3: Fill in your details, then click SAVE DETAILS bottom of the page

Step 4: Click on the button - PAY (if applicable) and COMPLETE ORDER

You will not be able to gain access to the webinar/replays if you don't follow all the steps above.

Please contact us on the purple help button if you experience any difficulty 

ALWAYS check that you are registered to the talk you want to view - the schedule is only a tool to add to your calendar.  To CHECK that you are booked for a talk go to the three dots on the right and click on it. If it does NOT show the talk you selected, you did not complete the process/obtained a ticket for the webinar.

Please contact us on the Purple button below or email for assistance