Post Mortem Investigation of Respiratory Disease in Foals

A talk by Dr Rick Last

09 July 2020, 01:00 PM

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About this talk

Respiratory Disease of foals has significant negative impact on foal survival as well athletic performance in maturity. In this webinar Rick will guide you through a checklist of common pathologies associated with important conditions causing respiratory disease in foals. The spectrum of conditions encountered in neonatal foals is somewhat different to that encountered in juvenile foals and so they are dealt with separately in the presentation. Recognition of gross pathologies of specific disease conditions, is a key skill of Equine practitioners that enables collection of relevant diagnostic samples. Such scenarios engender positive diagnostic outcomes, which allow for selection of relevant therapeutic protocols and the implementation of effective prophylactic precautions for other horses on the property. This webinar provides you with clear insights into the common pathologies of respiratory disease in foals, that you will frequently come across in practice.